Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zombie Corner

OMG! Can I just say that I’m so glad that my BFF introduced me to this series. Carrie Ryan Author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series has entranced me. Hare Moon a short story, which is a prequel to the zombie series, is fantastic, the ending left me without words. Seriously, I stared back at my Nook mouth gaping.
Tabitha is a character, with her own mystery, which is described in the first book, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Of course, the short story describes Tabitha’s past as a simple young girl in love with a boy named Patrick. Tabitha is faced with choices that will determine what her future will be, and how these choices mold her into the person we know as Sister Tabitha.
The story is similar to how Carrie Ryan writes all her heroic pairs in love, facing the unconsecrated death that surrounds their lives, heartbreaking. The description of the unconsecrated (zombies) that make ravenous sounds of human craving appetite is perfect as always. You see Tabitha cower in the forest, while the zombies surround her outside the gates, unable to reach her while she waits to see Patrick the boy she loves. It always amazes me that during Ryan’s stories that she is able to make these horrible images, seem real to the point of cringing like you’re watching a scary movie.  
Now let’s be critical. The story was a bit slow in the beginning but the ending totally pays off. I would recommend this to someone who is on the fence about zombie books. Most people think zombies, and go eek! Don’t think so, not for me. Believe me when I say the characters in this series will grab you, and maybe downloading this 1.99 short story will convince you to go further into the series. Let me just say that I don’t cry reading books…at all, but the ending to Travis and Mary’s story in The Forest of Hands and Teeth…I can’t even talk about it now, just give this series a try.

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