Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Dark Endeavor, so good.

Kenneth Oppel’s, This Dark Endeavor was an on the edge of your seat read. This is an accomplishment by many authors sure, but the difference is that this book is written as a prequel to Mary Shelly’s classic Frankenstein, and to be able to read about Victor Frankenstein as a young man, already knowing his fate, you still find yourself guessing what will happen next.
Victor Frankenstein has an identical twin brother, Konrad who has become deathly ill. Victor, with the help of his distant cousin Elizabeth and friend Henry will go to any depths to find a cure for Konrad.  Along the way, they stumble on family secrets that may help in their quest, The Elixir of Life. Victor must retrieve the ingredients in secret, and work with a scandalous alchemist to see how far he can push the limits of nature, and what he’s willing to sacrifice for his only brother.
Anyone could read this book, whether you are a teen, or an adult looking for something different. It is written more as a mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. Victor, unlike his brother Konrad, is an arrogant, stubborn young man that I couldn’t help but have a sense of empathy to.  Even though he is jealous of his brother, because of the relationship he shares with Elizabeth, I still found myself able to understand Victor’s inner struggle. There is a love triangle, it should be expected with one girl living with twin brothers, duh, but it does not control the entire story. The story is Victor’s admiration and jealousy towards his brother Konrad, knowing that he could never be as good as him, this is what pushes him to try and achieve The Elixir of Life for Konrad, the fact that he could do something that no one else possibly could.
This Dark Endeavor is an excellent read that I could honestly recommend to anyone. It has intense adventure with a scavenger hunt feel that keeps you on your toes. The dialogue between the characters is quick witted, and classic. When they speak to each other, you instantly have the history Victor, Konrad, and Elizabeth have shared since children. 
What else can I say? When I read this, I truly felt like I was in a movie, and shrieked when I found out that the rights were sold to Summit to do so in 2013. So hurry and read, because of Kenneth Oppel’s, This Dark Endeavor, someone might actually get a Frankenstein movie right.

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  1. Dang, now I really want to read this book. Good review!


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