Friday, August 26, 2011

The Sky is Everywhere...

Most of the time you read books about a character you like, and root for right away. A girl who is trying to find herself, usually after a tragic event of some sorts, and then after a couple of life lessons, Ta Dah…right?
Well Lennie, the female lead of The Sky is Everywhere, is not this. Lennie’s older sister has passed away and now she has to deal with death, and loss. She finds comfort in the sensual sorts with Benny, the boyfriend of her dead sister! Enter the new guy at school Joe, who is the redeeming character in this book. He falls for Lennie, never knowing of her quick escapades with Benny.  So you have the perfect drama soufflĂ© and now get to watch it rise.
While I read this book, I practically wanted to shake the hell out of Lennie as she made each ridiculous choice, furthering her mistakes. Bennie came off a bit creepy, and sad, even at the end I didn’t like him. Joe however is probably worth the read. His life is an entire character, his older brothers and parents have their own drama that’s probably realistic for some families. He is written as a rock musician, who captivates the band girl’s hearts, especially when he plays the trumpet, making the girls swoon. BTW, I find that hard to believe. Joe is great minus the trumpet…and clarinet.  
Lennie writes poetry, before and after her sister dies. This is included throughout the book in a sort of scavenger hunt way. It’s a different touch by author Jandy Nelson, and I was surprised that I took to it. It offers a very strong ending to Lennie’s story.
My final judgment, I wouldn’t recommend this book for everyone, especially those who don’t take for sexual details in a book. Some people don’t care, some people gasp. So if you’re a gasper then maybe not the choice for you. I however wasn’t taken by Lennie’s character, again I was rooting for Joe, and he’s the person who made me want to read more.
I will end with saying that all stories are unique. People are different and have all sorts of  trials in their lives. Some people make mistakes and come out okay after learning from them. This is a story about a girl who makes mistakes and has to figure out how she’ll fix them.

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