Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not what I expected, but an EXCELLENT surprise.

So I immediately grabbed this book not even looking at the inside cover. The second book Torment had such a great cliffhanger that I had to find out what happened next. At first I have to admit I was sad that Daniel and Luce didn’t have as much interaction in the book as the first two, but the history that author Lauren Kate describes between them is so epic.
In short, Luce is tossed in time following each of her past lives with Daniel, hoping to determine why she’s cursed to die in each life, and leave Daniel to live forever as a fallen angel waiting for her next life to begin. She see’s each life her and Daniel shared, and witnesses her death over and over, seeing Daniel morn her each time. Daniel follows Luce through time going through his own history of agony, hoping to find Luce.

This book took me throughout time, giving me mini love stories between Daniel and Luce. I was on the edge of my seat while Daniel chases Luce, each time barely missing her. Before when I read the series it was just a story about a fallen angel who loved a girl, but after a trip through their past five thousand years together, makes this an epic love story. Even though the series is not over, this book came full circle for me. It makes the first book more heartbreakingly real for Daniel’s character.

I was definitively able to see Luce in a new light, reading each of her different lives across the globe was wonderful, and breathtaking. Each period of time had real detail, putting me in that glance of history. I would recommend this to any girl interested in history, or just a true believer in love conquers all. Lauren Kate gives young women a look at what true love could be.

The end of Passion, lead me as a reader, and fan of the series to expect a phenomenal fourth book. After a trip like that how could you not?   

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