Saturday, August 13, 2011

End of The Summer Read: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Okay so even though we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I did just that. The cover screams read me; I have a story to tell! So I did, I read it, loved it, can’t help but talk about it. I was awesomely invested in this road trip. Amy is a down to earth read that I felt a connection with. The moment she has on the golf course alone literally made my heart stop. And there really are no words on how great Roger is. There needs to be more Roger's in the world. 

Amy Curry’s mother has decided to move from California to Connecticut and has requested that Amy bring the car to their new home. Easy peasy but no, Amy has a fear of driving since her father’s death in a car accident, Roger to the rescue. Roger a friend of the family needs a ride to Philadelphia and after some planning on her mother’s part, Roger, and Amy will be taking a life changing road trip.
The dialogue between Amy and Roger is witty and fun. They know sarcasm well and I loved how honest they spoke to each other. Amy captivated my heart right away, and Roger was the strong shoulder. I think the characters they meet along the way, even though brief are honest and memorable. The loneliest road that the two end up on, a character in itself even though a bit scary, I would actually like to drive it one day because of the book. The topic of drugs and sex is mentioned, but in a way where not too much detail is needed to show how it effects the characters involved. It really is written perfectly so that you can grasp the full story behind the characters. It’s real and true to life and at the end you leave only thinking of Amy and Roger with a smile. I just have to say the ending is AWESOME and leaves you with closure that is just priceless.
The book was sprinkled with adorable pictures of what the characters see during the detour and handwritten playlist that they listen to along the way, which are insanely good. Even though it may sound corny, this is what made me feel a part of their journey. It was a huge plus to find out that Author, Morgan Matson went on the road trip herself, stopping at each fast food place mentioned in the book.
So there you go, my first post for I Blog, You Read. So go read it already, and don’t forget to recommend it to a friend.

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