Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Dark Endeavor, so good.

Kenneth Oppel’s, This Dark Endeavor was an on the edge of your seat read. This is an accomplishment by many authors sure, but the difference is that this book is written as a prequel to Mary Shelly’s classic Frankenstein, and to be able to read about Victor Frankenstein as a young man, already knowing his fate, you still find yourself guessing what will happen next.
Victor Frankenstein has an identical twin brother, Konrad who has become deathly ill. Victor, with the help of his distant cousin Elizabeth and friend Henry will go to any depths to find a cure for Konrad.  Along the way, they stumble on family secrets that may help in their quest, The Elixir of Life. Victor must retrieve the ingredients in secret, and work with a scandalous alchemist to see how far he can push the limits of nature, and what he’s willing to sacrifice for his only brother.
Anyone could read this book, whether you are a teen, or an adult looking for something different. It is written more as a mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. Victor, unlike his brother Konrad, is an arrogant, stubborn young man that I couldn’t help but have a sense of empathy to.  Even though he is jealous of his brother, because of the relationship he shares with Elizabeth, I still found myself able to understand Victor’s inner struggle. There is a love triangle, it should be expected with one girl living with twin brothers, duh, but it does not control the entire story. The story is Victor’s admiration and jealousy towards his brother Konrad, knowing that he could never be as good as him, this is what pushes him to try and achieve The Elixir of Life for Konrad, the fact that he could do something that no one else possibly could.
This Dark Endeavor is an excellent read that I could honestly recommend to anyone. It has intense adventure with a scavenger hunt feel that keeps you on your toes. The dialogue between the characters is quick witted, and classic. When they speak to each other, you instantly have the history Victor, Konrad, and Elizabeth have shared since children. 
What else can I say? When I read this, I truly felt like I was in a movie, and shrieked when I found out that the rights were sold to Summit to do so in 2013. So hurry and read, because of Kenneth Oppel’s, This Dark Endeavor, someone might actually get a Frankenstein movie right.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Sky is Everywhere...

Most of the time you read books about a character you like, and root for right away. A girl who is trying to find herself, usually after a tragic event of some sorts, and then after a couple of life lessons, Ta Dah…right?
Well Lennie, the female lead of The Sky is Everywhere, is not this. Lennie’s older sister has passed away and now she has to deal with death, and loss. She finds comfort in the sensual sorts with Benny, the boyfriend of her dead sister! Enter the new guy at school Joe, who is the redeeming character in this book. He falls for Lennie, never knowing of her quick escapades with Benny.  So you have the perfect drama soufflĂ© and now get to watch it rise.
While I read this book, I practically wanted to shake the hell out of Lennie as she made each ridiculous choice, furthering her mistakes. Bennie came off a bit creepy, and sad, even at the end I didn’t like him. Joe however is probably worth the read. His life is an entire character, his older brothers and parents have their own drama that’s probably realistic for some families. He is written as a rock musician, who captivates the band girl’s hearts, especially when he plays the trumpet, making the girls swoon. BTW, I find that hard to believe. Joe is great minus the trumpet…and clarinet.  
Lennie writes poetry, before and after her sister dies. This is included throughout the book in a sort of scavenger hunt way. It’s a different touch by author Jandy Nelson, and I was surprised that I took to it. It offers a very strong ending to Lennie’s story.
My final judgment, I wouldn’t recommend this book for everyone, especially those who don’t take for sexual details in a book. Some people don’t care, some people gasp. So if you’re a gasper then maybe not the choice for you. I however wasn’t taken by Lennie’s character, again I was rooting for Joe, and he’s the person who made me want to read more.
I will end with saying that all stories are unique. People are different and have all sorts of  trials in their lives. Some people make mistakes and come out okay after learning from them. This is a story about a girl who makes mistakes and has to figure out how she’ll fix them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zombie Corner

OMG! Can I just say that I’m so glad that my BFF introduced me to this series. Carrie Ryan Author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series has entranced me. Hare Moon a short story, which is a prequel to the zombie series, is fantastic, the ending left me without words. Seriously, I stared back at my Nook mouth gaping.
Tabitha is a character, with her own mystery, which is described in the first book, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Of course, the short story describes Tabitha’s past as a simple young girl in love with a boy named Patrick. Tabitha is faced with choices that will determine what her future will be, and how these choices mold her into the person we know as Sister Tabitha.
The story is similar to how Carrie Ryan writes all her heroic pairs in love, facing the unconsecrated death that surrounds their lives, heartbreaking. The description of the unconsecrated (zombies) that make ravenous sounds of human craving appetite is perfect as always. You see Tabitha cower in the forest, while the zombies surround her outside the gates, unable to reach her while she waits to see Patrick the boy she loves. It always amazes me that during Ryan’s stories that she is able to make these horrible images, seem real to the point of cringing like you’re watching a scary movie.  
Now let’s be critical. The story was a bit slow in the beginning but the ending totally pays off. I would recommend this to someone who is on the fence about zombie books. Most people think zombies, and go eek! Don’t think so, not for me. Believe me when I say the characters in this series will grab you, and maybe downloading this 1.99 short story will convince you to go further into the series. Let me just say that I don’t cry reading books…at all, but the ending to Travis and Mary’s story in The Forest of Hands and Teeth…I can’t even talk about it now, just give this series a try.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not what I expected, but an EXCELLENT surprise.

So I immediately grabbed this book not even looking at the inside cover. The second book Torment had such a great cliffhanger that I had to find out what happened next. At first I have to admit I was sad that Daniel and Luce didn’t have as much interaction in the book as the first two, but the history that author Lauren Kate describes between them is so epic.
In short, Luce is tossed in time following each of her past lives with Daniel, hoping to determine why she’s cursed to die in each life, and leave Daniel to live forever as a fallen angel waiting for her next life to begin. She see’s each life her and Daniel shared, and witnesses her death over and over, seeing Daniel morn her each time. Daniel follows Luce through time going through his own history of agony, hoping to find Luce.

This book took me throughout time, giving me mini love stories between Daniel and Luce. I was on the edge of my seat while Daniel chases Luce, each time barely missing her. Before when I read the series it was just a story about a fallen angel who loved a girl, but after a trip through their past five thousand years together, makes this an epic love story. Even though the series is not over, this book came full circle for me. It makes the first book more heartbreakingly real for Daniel’s character.

I was definitively able to see Luce in a new light, reading each of her different lives across the globe was wonderful, and breathtaking. Each period of time had real detail, putting me in that glance of history. I would recommend this to any girl interested in history, or just a true believer in love conquers all. Lauren Kate gives young women a look at what true love could be.

The end of Passion, lead me as a reader, and fan of the series to expect a phenomenal fourth book. After a trip like that how could you not?   

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Should be Reading: Lightning by Dean Koontz

If you have any interest in time travel, you must read this book. I am a huge fan of anything having to do with time travel. My husband got me this book as a gift knowing that I would love it. He searched for a used copy online and managed to get me one. Thanks to the invention of the E-reader, you can now download it and read instantly, and you should. It is remarkable and I continue to talk about it and recommend it as the best book I have read and will always hold close to my heart.
The night that Laura Stefan was born lighting struck, the same night she survived an almost fatal delivery, thanks to a man named Stefan that appears to a drunken doctor that would have failed to deliver Laura successfully. Stefan appears throughout Laura’s life, saving her from near fatal tragedies. Laura has memories of a blond haired man showing up during important moments in her life and wonders if she has her own guardian angel.
This book had me on the edge of my seat. It is written in timeline with Laura as she grows from a young girl into a woman. The people that wind up in her life are lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. With all the tragedy and evil, that hits Laura, you feel that she is also extremely lucky to have the special tid bits of love in her life that Dean Koonts details so well. She always manages to escape out of danger, never knowing what the ripple effect could have been. 

There are many characters that are involved in this book but Thelma and Ruth, the twins Laura meets in the orphanage made me laugh and broke my soul. They will forever be etched in your mind with their strength of sisterhood and friendship. 

There is no doubt that Dean Koontz was a great author but his words sincerely made me cry, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own life, realizing how time is precious, and no matter what family is to someone, that you should hold the people close to you when you think of the very word family. I will always have a special place for Laura and Stefan in my heart.
I will end on this note. It took a bit of pushing on my husband’s part to get me to read this. Because I was reading so much YA I didn’t want to give it a chance, but I’m so glad I did. Of course, I had to tell my husband that he was right, and that this would be one of my all time favorite books. Therefore, I encourage you to go outside your preferred genre and take a chance, because you might be missing out on something fantastic and incredibly unforgettable like Lightning. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

End of The Summer Read: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

Okay so even though we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I did just that. The cover screams read me; I have a story to tell! So I did, I read it, loved it, can’t help but talk about it. I was awesomely invested in this road trip. Amy is a down to earth read that I felt a connection with. The moment she has on the golf course alone literally made my heart stop. And there really are no words on how great Roger is. There needs to be more Roger's in the world. 

Amy Curry’s mother has decided to move from California to Connecticut and has requested that Amy bring the car to their new home. Easy peasy but no, Amy has a fear of driving since her father’s death in a car accident, Roger to the rescue. Roger a friend of the family needs a ride to Philadelphia and after some planning on her mother’s part, Roger, and Amy will be taking a life changing road trip.
The dialogue between Amy and Roger is witty and fun. They know sarcasm well and I loved how honest they spoke to each other. Amy captivated my heart right away, and Roger was the strong shoulder. I think the characters they meet along the way, even though brief are honest and memorable. The loneliest road that the two end up on, a character in itself even though a bit scary, I would actually like to drive it one day because of the book. The topic of drugs and sex is mentioned, but in a way where not too much detail is needed to show how it effects the characters involved. It really is written perfectly so that you can grasp the full story behind the characters. It’s real and true to life and at the end you leave only thinking of Amy and Roger with a smile. I just have to say the ending is AWESOME and leaves you with closure that is just priceless.
The book was sprinkled with adorable pictures of what the characters see during the detour and handwritten playlist that they listen to along the way, which are insanely good. Even though it may sound corny, this is what made me feel a part of their journey. It was a huge plus to find out that Author, Morgan Matson went on the road trip herself, stopping at each fast food place mentioned in the book.
So there you go, my first post for I Blog, You Read. So go read it already, and don’t forget to recommend it to a friend.